Fort Carson PCCP paving

IHC Scott is proud to announce that two of our concrete paving projects received “Excellence in Concrete Paving” awards from the American Concrete Paving Association (ACPA). The awards were presented on December 2, 2021 at their Annual Meeting in Huntington Beach, CA.

The National ACPA collects award nominations from winners of the Chapter/State affiliates’ award programs. This competition is very competitive with dozens of worthy applications, in each category, from around the country. Below is a brief description of our two award winning projects.

Commercial Service and Military Airfield Category:

IHC Scott project #3115 – Alpha Ramp, Ft. Carson, Colorado:

The Alpha Ramp Pavement Replacement Project at Fort Carson is part of an ongoing up-grade and expansion of the Butts Army Airfield and support facilities. IHC Scott was subcontracted to perform all civil construction for the General Contractor, Tribal One Construction. The Alpha Ramp is situated around one of the original rotary wing aircraft hangers at Fort Carson. To keep access to hangar open, the project was to be constructed in 4 Controlled Access Zones (CAZ). Later several of the CAZ’s were combined to allow construction in 2 phases.

The scope included removal and replacement of 64,000 sy of airfield concrete pavement, minor grading and reconditioning of the existing subgrade, and asphalt shoulders. Roughly a quarter of the existing subgrade was found to be unstable making it necessary for IHC Scott to replace it with aggregate base course. Even with the extra work, the pavement was completed ahead of schedule.

IHC Scott is very proud that its customers, the US Army Corps of Engineer and Tribal One, consider the project a great success and look forward to many happy aviators using the ramp in the defense of our great nation.

City Streets and Intersections Category:

IHC Scott project #7045 – US 395/412 Intersection, Boise City, Oklahoma:

Boise City, Oklahoma is located at the extreme west end of Oklahoma’s panhandle. Within 40 miles of Boise City you could be in any one of four other states, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, or Texas. US Highways 395/287 and 64/412 intersect at the Town Square in Boise City. These two major trucking corridors send more vehicles, daily, through Boise City than there are residents. Therefore, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation decided to spend more than $7,500 per resident to reconstruct Cimarron Avenue (US Hwy 395/287) and the town square roundabout.

The Cimarron County courthouse sits at the center of the town square roundabout with the two highways, doubling as city streets, radiating from town square at the cardinal points of the compass. The pavement section consisted of removing the existing pavement, earthwork balancing and lime stabilizing the subgrade, placing Caliche aggregate base, and 9.5” of concrete pavement. Other work included new water and sewer lines, full lighting of Cimarron Avenue, landscaping, and traffic control.

Because of the importance of local and through traffic the project was broken into five phases. One phase being complete before the next could begin. The $11 million project was to be completed in 290 calendar days. Some additional days were added due to unforeseen site conditions, but the project was still completed early, earning the IHC Scott 100% of the available completion incentive. 

Congratulations and thank you to all IHC Scott employees that participated in the construction of these projects.