Heritage Todd Creek Concrete Concrete Flatwork sidewalk

Heritage Todd Creek started out as a pipe job for Lennar Homes of installing 425 LF of 27” Sanity Sewer through the Todd Creek Ditch from one phase and connecting it to a future filling for further development. The development is built around the existing golf course.

This led to us being awarded the next filling of Amendment 14 which consisted of 63 lots and picking up where another contractor left off at. We installed 2000 LF of Waterline, 3800 LF of different sized RCP, performed all the concrete, CTS and worked with Martin Marietta to pave out the area. We started the project in the middle of 2019 and finished up in early 2020.

For the next amendment, we were awarded all of the SS,WL, Raw WL, storm, concrete, and asphalt. Also along with some of the dirt work which included riprap lined swales for better drainage around the golf course. As we are in the final stages of getting this one closed out.

Over the course of time from when we started at HTC in 2019, it has led to more work for IHC Scott from Lennar on this project.