Paving Hess Road to connect I-25 with a concrete highway

Arterial Roadway Connecting Parker Road and I-25

One of the fastest-growing areas in the country, Douglas County continues to be challenged by the need to ease traffic congestion and increase mobility. The completion of Hess Road provided a welcome east-west arterial roadway connecting Parker Road and I-25.

The project was bid as an asphalt or concrete pavement alternate. After reviewing a 30-year life-cycle analysis, the County decided that PCCP would be the best choice for the project. R.E. Monks Construction was awarded the prime contract and subcontracted IHC to perform the concrete paving. Designed for 91,000 square yards of 9” PCC on the mainline, contract revisions and miscellaneous paving added an additional 7,000 square yards, with 3,240 lineal feet of curb and gutter and 990 square feet of median cover completing the concrete paving scope.

Constructed on the north side of the Reuter-Hess reservoir, the roadway follows the natural topography. As a result, the more rugged terrain, with its numerous curves and superelevations, provided challenges to the paving crew. Currently traveled daily by approximately 8,000 vehicles, Douglas County expects around 30,000 vehicles per day to use this corridor by 2030.