Reconstructed Eastbound Roadway of I-196

Concrete Paving Reconstruction on the Eastbound Roadway of I-196

This Michigan Department of Transportation project consisted of 7.24 miles of concrete reconstruction on the eastbound roadway of I-196 from the I-196/US-31 split north to the Allegan County Line. Ramp reconstructions included the I-196 Interchange and 1 new additional ramp on M-40. The project also included concrete deep overlays, full depth deck repairs, back wall and substructure repairs, bridge painting and concrete surface coating, new slope paving and approaches on 3 structures in addition to clearing, culverts, guardrail, fence, signing, blanket restoration and recessed pavement markings. Two new large box culverts and 2 new large pipe culverts were constructed up to 20 feet below the new road way.

The extremely tight schedule was driven by lane rentals and a completion date of mid-October. The project started in June with construction of temporary median cross-overs that were used to maintain traffic in each direction on the existing westbound roadway and to maintain traffic on the M-40/I-196 interchange, for the reconstruction of 2 existing ramps and the construction of 1 new circle on ramp while the eastbound roadway was reconstructed.

The existing roadway was 5+ inches of asphalt overlay over 9 inches existing continuous reinforced concrete pavement. The asphalt was milled and trucked off site and the existing concrete was recycled on site and used for the 6 inches of open graded base. The existing sand sub-base was re-used along with new additional sand sub-base as required to accommodate new 11” concrete roadway cross-section(s).