I-475 South Interchange

Michigan Department of Transportation Design/Build Highway Project

This Michigan Department of Transportation Design/Build Contract was divided into two sections of work: complete removal and replacement of 3.5 miles of dual lane interstate highway, including six ramps at one interchange, and the restoration of four bridges; the second segment consisted of 3.0 miles of concrete pavement patching and correction of super elevation that included concrete and bituminous pavement removal, new concrete valley gutter, and asphalt pavement installation.

The project was designed and constructed using MDOT provided parameters.

Recycling of the entire old concrete pavement for utilization as aggregate for open graded base under all of the new concrete pavement was a major contribution to a sustainable solution, improving the safety, congestion and economy by reducing the number of construction trucks that would be required in the traditional construction methods of hauling and wasting the concrete and bringing new virgin material for base.

Safety was of premium importance for both the traveling public and the construction team, resulting in no major accidents and no employee loss of time. To enhance safety and congestion relief, an on-site wrecker service assured that disabled vehicles were moved as quickly as possible.