Independence Land Development project

Aptly named, Independence is bringing a new frontier to the Southern grasslands of Elizabeth Colorado. Poised to be the next sprawling metropolis, new residents are moving in as quickly as homebuilders can build. Independence tends to be independent because the water, irrigation, and sanitation systems are completely self-supported.

Originally IHC Scott (Scott Contracting at the time) was entrusted to break ground in the Spring of 2018 on former Filing 1. What was unknown at that time was that Craft’s vision was much bigger than that initial filing, it was only one of seven planned filings. And after the successful completion of Filing 1, Craft Companies requested IHC Scott bid for future Filings 2 and 3 and an extension of Hancock Parkway.

In Spring 2022 IHC Scott broke ground with its mass excavation team. This project was not tackled with a fleet of scrapers – instead, the project team employed a fleet of haul trucks supported by two large excavators to move nearly 2 million yards of dirt.

The dirt was followed closely by the mainline utility crew. With nearly 22 miles of utility improvements, the mainline crews will be busy on this project well into 2023. What was previously a 2023 commitment, IHC Scott will deliver this segment of Hancock Parkway nearly a year ahead of schedule thanks to the project’s team creativity, commitment, planning, and dedication to execution.

Despite breaking ground on Filings 2 and 3 and Hancock, Craft has already indicated they want to keep IHC Scott’s mass excavation crew onsite and flow right into future Filing 4. IHC Scott is proud to be the contractor of choice forging a steadfast relationship with Craft Companies, LLC.

The IHC Scott team is proud to be Building a Better Community for Elbert County.