DEN Panel Rehab with volumetric concrete mixer truck

This project is the annual pavement rehabilitation project to preserve and/or repair the landside roadways and parking lots at Denver International Airport (DEN). Work includes the following scopes. Panel Rehabilitation, Saw/ Seal of Concrete Pavement, Pavement Markings, and PCCP profile grinding.

Our contract specifies the use of a rapid set concrete mix, a new specification being added to CDOT and DEN. The rapid set mixture utilizes a special type of cement made only in certain locations of the United States and must be railed in for use on this project. Due to our specialized scope of work, the concrete material is provided by On-Demand Concrete which uses volumetric trucks (a concrete plant built on a truck) to mix and place the concrete on location. The rapid set nature allows the newly placed concrete to be opened to traffic within 1 1⁄2 to 2 hours. By utilizing this new method IHC Scott has been able to increase the production rates from 20-30 CY/night to averaging 50 CY/night with our best placement of 72 CY in one night.

We were able to accomplish these pour rates while also setting the traffic control, removing concrete, prepping the panels, and pouring concrete back open to the public prior to 4 am.