Concrete paving through Sterling, CO

This project was constructed thru main street in Sterling, Colorado. The project had several challenges that we had to deal with. Main street, which is also Colorado State Hwy 14, connects the west and east side of Sterling, including numerous farms and small towns in the area. Throughout the project, we had to maintain two lanes of traffic open, we also had over 100 business and private homes that require full access to their driveways.

As part of this project, IHC Scott removed concrete paving, six and half miles of curb and gutter and 72,000 square yards of old asphalt. Scott installed new water and storm mains, and performed 20,000 cubic yards of excavation and embankment and installed 7,000 tons of base course. IHC Scott then placed 80,000 square yards of 9” concrete pavement and five miles of new concrete curb and gutter, new striping, street lights and traffic signals. IHC Scott also had to replace the existing water main with a new 12’’ PVC pipe, including all the services that supply water for all the businesses and private homes. While doing this work we had to maintain the old system intact and in working condition. The coordination to do all this work was a real challenge. But, with the collaboration of all involved, (CDOT and City of Sterling)  it was a very successful project.