Runway concrete pavement rehabilitation at Denver International Airport

Runway and Taxiway airfield pavement rehabilitation at Denver International Airport

This project at Denver International Airport (DIA) provided 100,463sy of airfield pavement rehabilitation in one Runway and adjacent Taxiways. In addition to the traditional construction processes involved with panel replacement, the project included over 450 pavement lights with 8 miles of conduit, 1,030 square yards of Cement Treated Base Repair, 37,900 drilled and grouted dowel bars, spall repairs around light cans, installation of 3,500 feet of 6” and 8” drainage pipe, 10 acres of seed and mulch, crushing of all removed concrete and 70,000 square yards of pavement grooving. DIA maintenance self-performed the pavement marking.

With a 150 calendar day (inclusive of a 90 day runway closure), 11 milestone project, scheduling was exacting. At peak construction, more than 300 people were working on the runway closure. All planned activities were successfully coordinated for timely completion, avoiding any delays or accidents..

As the removal of concrete took place, the Cement Treated Base (CTB) was inspected, and if deemed unsuitable, removed and replaced with lean concrete. Concurrent with removal work, crushing operations began at the waste area to make Class 6 road base. The panel replacements varied in thickness, including 17” and 21” at thickened edges. 72 additional panels were added after the start of construction and were completed within the 90-day closure schedule.