intersection of SH86 and Elizabeth grading

The SH-86 project took place in the heart of Elizabeth. The former juncture of SH86 and S. Elizabeth Street was a stone’s throw away from the intersection of SH86 and CR13. Local businesses and the public had to navigate 2 separate intersections within a very short vicinity. This caused countless traffic accidents and daily congestion that bottlenecked Elizabeth’s main artery for transportation. When complete IHC Scott had imported nearly 60,000 CY of embankment material and turned the intersection of SH86 and Elizabeth Street into a new four-way intersection complete with median islands featuring stamped Brick Red concrete and the latest in pedestrian crosswalk technology. These improvements along with the new 10’ wide sidewalk along the North Elizabeth Street improvement created a safe path of travel for the students of the neighboring Middle and High school. Below the surface of the new roadway is a network of Water, Sanitary Sewer, and Stormwater utility improvements that boost the surrounding area’s drainage and provide much-needed infrastructure to support future growth. The project was finished ahead of schedule and marked IHC Scott’s commitment to providing quality work.