Timberleaf residential development mass grading

Timberleaf by DR Horton is a master-planned community in Thornton, CO.

The Timberleaf project is one of our first Turnkey Developments for DR Horton, located on former farmland in Thornton Co, It consists of 4 phases that will eventually be 252 homes.  

 In December 2019, DR Horton asked IHC Scott to have our work for Phase 1 of 4 complete by August 2020. With COVID hitting in March, DR Horton authorized that work continue with earthwork, utilities, and strucutres. We were lucky enough to be one of few projects that they wanted to keep on schedule.  

At the time IHC Scott brought in multiple utility crews to help get phase 1 complete,  our mainline guys installed all of the Phase 1 sanitary sewer, and storm, as well as water main, and the services and small storm laterals. Almost simultaneously, we were able to complete 2 ponds (including outlet structures, trickle channels and all the toe walls) while all 24 Inlets were being poured in a tight coordination with the utility crews installing storm runs.  

Utility crews moved straight into Phase 2 and concrete crews were able to get a jump on phase 1, DR Horton scheduled their paving sub on this project so there was a lot of coordination to get the roads right for our concrete paving, which lead into their asphalt paving as soon as possible.  

Mass earthwork crew finished up the sub-ex for the project and transitioned over to working on the remaining cut fill work which includes a large tributary. Phase 3 and 4 utilities were completed while installing the remaining sewer on the project. Great job for the safe and hard work from our team! 

Scope of Work

  • 1.5 million cubic yards of earthwork (sub ex & cut/fill)
  • 13,160 LF of 8’’ sanitary main
  • 252 sanitary services,
  • 17,886 LF of 8’’ water main
  • 252 water services
  • 33 fire hydrants
  • 16,687 LF of storm sewer main (18’’ – 48’’)
  • 66 inlets, 9554 LF of curb & gutter
  • 23,489 LF of 7.5’ combo curb & gutter and sidewalk
  • 14,429 LF of sidewalks and trails (4’-10’ wide) throughout the development.
  • 66 inlets, 9554 LF of curb & gutter

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