Willow Crossing RV Park Construction Team Members

Scope of Work:
Willow Crossing is a 127 AC multi-phase residential/modular home site for SUN Communities approximately 1 mile East of HWY 85 in Fort Lupton. In Phase 1 we are contracted to deliver 223 pad-ready lots which included the following Infrastructure, Earthwork– Import of 35,000 cubic yards, 6 miles of underground utilities, and 3,800 cubic yards of concrete. In addition to our contracted scopes, the site has a high ground water table that we have been managing since September 2022. Our temporary dewatering operations are estimated to have pumped over 17 MIL gallons of water into the nearby city ditch.

Continuous Improvement and Successful Vertical Integration Concrete Flatwork

The bid scope of 4,563 LF of concrete trickle channel being the last storm item needed for initial acceptance by the City of Fort Lupton was a critical component to complete. The need to accelerate this scope (bid as hand form and place) and stay at or under budget was our goal.

The manager of concrete operations recognized the opportunity to build a mold to slip form this trickle channel and saw the need for different widths and profiles incorporated into one mold. Plans were developed, and sent to the fabricator, to date we have used this custom mold 100% of the time to place this channel in 10 days less than the scheduled duration and saving money.

During the final construction activities for this site, the project team understands the challenges presented by this project and the deliverables due to SUN by the end of May 2023.