a variety of earthwork services delivered to your specifications

From mass excavation to grading and road preparation, IHC Scott offers a wide range of earthwork services to meet your project needs. We offer site development, mass excavation, ponds and retention basins, canals, dams, custom pads, material import and export, sub excavation and mining and reclamation. We specialize in self-performing new construction as well as replacement projects and can deliver them to your specifications.

We understand that quality earthwork is the foundation of all great projects and we have the equipment and experience to handle any job. We have the bandwidth to complete both small and large projects, with the capability to move millions of cubic yards of dirt on a single project. We are proud to ensure customer satisfaction—no matter the size of the project—with our genuine commitment to quality work and employee safety.

Earthwork Expertise

Our expertise in earthwork means you can be confident that the job will be done right and done well. Our experience means that we can solve any problems that arise quickly, efficiently, and with the most effective solution.

Earthwork Projects