IHC Scott has extensive experience in constructing large-scale pipelines and drainage systems. We work with water districts, cities, and state entities to build municipal water infrastructure that will stand the test of time.

We understand the specific challenges and intricacies that pipelines require. You can trust us to construct your project in challenging conditions such as high-density urban areas, rural/remote areas, steep slopes, deep installation, dewatering, river crossings, and narrow right-of-ways.

IHC Scott is the industry specialist for constructing a large spectrum of wet utility needs.

We have the expertise to efficiently install a variety of drainage solutions for your project, from stormwater trunk lines to culverts, detention ponds and transmission mains. Our drainage systems include a spectrum of construction solutions, and our innovative approach to challenges leaves our customers satisfied with the high-quality work they have received.

Utility & Drainage Expertise

From water main to sanitary sewer to storm drainage systems, IHC Scott offers a wide variety of wet utility and water retention services.

Utility & Drainage Projects