IHC Scott has been building and restoring airport runways and taxiways across the United States for the past 20 years. Our expertise in roller compacted concrete make us uniquely qualified for this work, and our customers come away satisfied with our quality and professionalism.

We have won numerous local and national awards, including American Concrete Pavement Association awards for the “Best PCC Pavement Constructed in the USA” in Military/Commercial and General Aviation categories. Our customers and partners love working with us because of our proactivity, peak professionalism, and can-do attitude.

As a specialist in airport construction, IHC Scott has completed projects for airport authorities, military agencies, and private fixed base operators totaling over $1 billion. Our projects range in size from less than $1 million to greater than $100 million.

We’ve perfected our techniques over the years to minimize travel interruptions and leverage opportunities for cost and schedule improvements. Our experience in this industry allows us to quickly and efficiently solve problems and deliver above and beyond expectations.

Airport Expertise

Our expertise and experience with airport projects means we can solve a unique set of challenges with confidence, go above and beyond your expectations, and deliver performance as promised.

Airport Projects