the concrete paving experts

IHC Scott has been paving highways and roadways for more than 70 years. We have won numerous awards for quality, partnering and project management and our highway projects have ranged in size from less than $150,000 to over $250 million. We work with county, city, and state governments, with extensive experience in airports and military installations, including Department of Defense projects. We specialize in self-performing new construction as well as replacement projects and can deliver them to your specifications. 

No matter the size of the project, big or small, we are confident you will be thrilled with our genuine commitment to quality work and customer satisfaction. Our quality work on roads, streets, state highways, and interstates speaks for itself. At IHC Scott, we do concrete paving like no one else.

Get the job done right

Our expertise in concrete paving means you can be confident that the job will be done right and done well. Our experience means that we can solve problems quickly, efficiently, and with the most effective solution.

Concrete Paving Projects