Boulders, rock, mud, & trees flowed across I-70 and into the Colorado River during the July 29th 2021 storm. After focusing on restoring the roadway the Colorado Department of Transportation’s next priority was removing the choke points in the river not to cause catastrophic flooding and damage to this vulnerable section of I-70 during the pending 2022 spring runoff. CDOT required an accelerated bidding process and rapid mobilization to take advantage of the reduced river flows during the winter period. IHC Scott mobilized and had machines transported by railcar to the work area while the ink was still wet on the contract. Working around the clock in the frigid Glenwood canyon we successfully removed over 75,000 tons of material to restore the capacity of the river in multiple locations, some accessible only by river raft or train. The project team collaborated with the National Forest Service & CDOT to reestablish the shapes and contours to meet the hydraulic needs while preserving usability for the recreational uses of the river. IHC Scott also took advantage of the material removed to make aggregate products for another western slope project.