Concrete Paving of the I-80 westbound lanes at Granger Junction

The reconstruction of the I-80 westbound lanes at Granger Junction was a 5.3 mile, 2 lane highway reconstruction that included a 268 foot bridge deck replacement, two bridge repairs, removal of existing asphalt pavement and placement of 126,545 SY of concrete pavement. Originally the project was anticipated to perform full depth removal of the existing 10” HMA, place a 1” HMA layer on the existing CTB then 11” PCCP. Though a Value Engineering Proposal, 3-5” of HMA was left onsite to eliminate the 1” HMA layer. All aggregates were locally sourced from pits that were within 10 miles of the project. Pavement section was adjusted in a VECP to leave some existing material in place in lieu of hauling everything off to a dump site. We also eliminated additional material needed to be brought back to the project by removing the 1” HMA layer and kept HMA millings onsite to be used as shouldering material. In total we removed 6,300 tons of HMA from the project and left 15,400 CY of existing HMA in place.