Vance Air Force Base Runway New Runway and Taxiway

Established in 1941 as a pilot training center, Vance Air Force Base supports approximately 70,000 aircraft operations each year. Currently home to the 71st Flying Training Wing, Vance’s airfield pavements have endured a patchwork of diverse development through the years making it clear that major reconstruction was required. The project consisted of reconstructing the touchdown areas of Runway 17R/35L and overlaying the remaining portion of the 9,200’ runway. Adjacent cross taxiways also required varying amounts of rehabilitation or reconstruction.

Over the Owner’s very aggressive 180 day schedule, the project removed and replaced the existing full-depth PCCP pavement sections at both ends of the runway; milled and placed a concrete overlay on the center section of the runway, placed a new drainage layer, underdrain system and infiltration system. Modifications were made to existing storm drain systems while raising the existing profile to address improper drainage; constructed asphalt shoulders along the entire runway; removed/ replaced or modified the electrical system as needed; grooved the new concrete surface; applied new pavement markings, and placed sod along all new pavement edges.