Vance Air Force Base Runway rehabilitation

IHC Scott staff have been working on the site since November 2022 with completion in Spring 2024. During this time, we have been installing temporary lights, navigation aids, and other equipment on the outer runway (which IHC Scott completed in 2017). This is being done so that we can close the center runway and allow partial use of the airfield during construction.

Phase 1 of Center Court was completed with our crews working around the clock, giving us approximately 70% of the work area available to begin the rehabilitation and rebuild. Since then, we have begun cracking and seating the existing concrete portions of the runway along with areas of milling and excavation of full-depth removals, and have been preparing for the CTPB and PCCP test sections.

Final construction will include a new subsurface drainage system drilled into the runway shoulders and improvements to the storm system while raising the runway 1-2 feet to limit water pooling on the runway surface.

Some challenges we have faced on this job include material delivery times, transporting aggregate to meet specifications from wells 150 miles away one way, night work and unfavorable weather conditions. IHC Scott overcame issues with setting up and approving on-site labs, as well as troubleshooting and certifying batch plant limits