Scapers moving dirt on the Canyons South development in Castle Rock, CO

The Canyons South Project is in North Eastern Castle Rock off Crowfoot Valley Rd. It includes Filing 1 of 3 with 950 total lots being delivered with 350 of those lots being included in Filing 1. The developer knew that it was such a large-scale project that they elected to split up the scope of the job by different companies. IHC Scott was contracted for the roadway and concrete package after utilities were installed by Iron Woman Construction. We installed almost 8 miles of combo curb, gutter and sidewalk, 3 miles of detached sidewalk, 4 miles of curb and gutter, 86 ramps, 19,000 SY of concrete paving and prepped 107,000 SY of asphalt paving for Martin Marietta to pave for us. This provided a $10 million contract for us and kept our road prep crews and concrete crews busy for the good part of 2020 while the project was going full speed. Our contract states that we have 10 working days to begin work in the next available phase once utilities have been completed but IHC Scott did not struggle with this contractual parameter as we were chasing the utility crews all the way to the end of the project staying ahead of schedule. This project was a major gateway for us to show Hines, the developer what we could really do in a wide open development with so much acreage to work with for us to get a strong foothold in being awarded work for their next large development in Thornton that is going to consist of 3,300+ lots for future homes.