DIA International Runway 16R/34L Concrete Paving Finished Project

The opening of Runway 16R-34L and associated taxiways was an important economic milestone for Denver and the Rocky Mountain West. The 16,000’ by 200’ “International” runway, 33% longer and 33% wider than the other jumbo runways, was designed to accommodate the next generation of large commercial aircraft. More importantly, it allows for year-round, trans-oceanic, direct service from Denver to Asia and Europe, the additional length allowing fully loaded and fueled departing aircraft the necessary ground speed required for lift-off in the hot “thin” air summer months.

Opening the project in just two years on September 4, 2003, improving the Contract schedule by six weeks was a significant challenge primarily because of the sheer size of the project and the short construction seasons in Denver. The project scope included 890,000 sy of 12″ lime-treated subgrade and cement-treated base, 30 miles of edge drain, 865,000 sy of 17″ and 21″ PCCP, 75 miles of electrical conduit servicing 4,000 airfield lights and signs, 350 manholes and 450,000 tons asphalt and asphalt permeable base. Vendor partners were also challenged to meet project deadlines in the production and delivery of 1.2 million tons of aggregate and 150,000 tons of Portland cement and flyash.