Garfield County Airport Apron Expansion Concrete Paving

The Garfield Airport parking apron expansion allows for additional parking space for aircraft. The project consisted of the demolition, dirt work, realigning of the guidance lighting, and installing Lean concrete and  PCCP on a new apron for expanded aircraft parking.  As the airport was operational during construction the job required very strict attention to many safety details with all our crews.

Working with our sister company Geneva Rock, we were able to set up and use one of their portable batch plant on site which made it possible to quickly supply the concrete while expediting delivery time to meet a tight deadline. The project was originally designed for asphalt but shifted to concrete paving for increased strength and longevity.

  • 23,100 cubic yards of excavation, including placement
  • 7,409 cubic yards embankment largely for future taxiway
  • 8.3 acres of clearing and grubbing
  • Removal of 245 linear feet of conduit and cabling
  • 6 taxiway edge lights and 1 lighted guidance sign

I have never seen an entire crew take ownership of a project as if it was their own company. The team Scott Contracting assembled for this project was amazing and turned out to be the best functioning team I have ever worked with in my career.”
-Brian Condie, Airport Director – Rifle Garfield County Airport

IHC Scott was proud to deliver reliable performance, proactive solutions, and responsive service. Every member of our team made the Rifle Garfield County Airport Apron Expansion project an overwhelming success.