Red Rocks Ranch Residential Development Earthwork

The Red Rocks Ranch project is a multi-phased residential development located in Jefferson County, CO. When complete the community will include up to 1,300 homes, recreational areas, community amenities and plots for commercial development. Work on the initial phases of the project are underway, IHC Scott’s scope of work includes the construction of community infrastructure including wet utilities (sanitary, water, storm), concrete flatwork, roadway preparation and asphalt paving. The initial utility installation consists of 3.0-miles of sanitary sewer main (with services, underdrain, underdrain services, etc.), 4.1-miles of watermain (with hydrants, valves, services/meters, etc.), and 3.2-miles of RCP storm drain (with stormwater inlets, manholes, jellyfish water quality structures, cast-in-place concrete stilling basins/forebays and retention pond outfall structures). Concrete flatwork quantities total 6.4-miles of sidewalk and roadway quantities amount to over 21.4-acres of lime and cement treated subgrade and 16.9-acres of asphalt pavement with concrete curb and gutter, striping, street signage, etc. throughout the development. IHC Scott’s role on the project also includes construction management for the overall development to ensure phased-delivery of the project is achieved on the timeline required by the Owner.